How to group insights

Making insights from loose sentences and sticky notes. Name the groups to understand

Steps to group insights

  1. choose some sentences
  2. drag them into the board
  3. Select the group
  4. press cmd + G | ctrl + G or the grouping button
  5. Name the group

Transcription of video

Hi there, Rozemarijn from Jaide. Today, a question about how to group and how to name them. First of all, I already prepared some groups about doing five interviews about grocery shopping, and now I can simply select them and press this button to group them. And then a title automatically appears, or I can select them and press G, G of groups. And then also a title appears in the middle, and then I can name them. So this one is about planning preparation. This one was about buying behaviour. If they buy fruits and vegetables and the last one press G again, it's about throwing away. they automatically scale. So the moment that I think this one doesn't belong in this group, but in this group, this one is smaller. Now this one is bigger now, and I don't have to do that manually again. And if I think, okay, this group is not relevant anymore. I just deleted the title and the group is gone. Good luck.

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