How to use suggestions

While doing interviews, people might have said similar answers in a different context. Same need, different story. Suggestions possible highlights relevant sentences.

Steps to use suggestions

  1. choose a sentence
  2. drag it into the board
  3. click on the sentence
  4. go to suggestions
  5. Draw relevant stickies out

Transcription of video

Today, a question about how to use suggestions. I already have done five interviews, uploaded them, make some groups, and I want to have a deep dive into motivations, as you can see, I forgot a question that in one of those five, so awkward, but maybe I can find something back because I have all the answers. So let's click on organic, go through suggestions and everything which might be relevant pops up in here. And then I see. Yes! there it is. So her motivation is more cheap. Cool. And also local producers. Good motivation and seasonal also. And you can also see that it auto-scales the moment that I drag more into the group and they're still on the same. good luck.

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